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Contract 2019 help
By Clicking this box you agree to the terms and conditions of the 2019 MazePlay contract see the link below or click the question mark to the right to read the contract
Get signed up and put down your $1,000 deposit and have MazePlay come and design and cut your corn maze.
To get signed up with MazePlay you need to give us 4 things.
1) You need to select if you are doing a custom design, a pre-design with modifications maze, or a pre-design with no-modifications maze. Select that below
2) We need to know your maze size so fill that in below.
3) We need a signed contract. Click here to view your contract online. Fill it out save it, and then give us the file in the space provided below.
4) Let us know what you want for a design in the space below. If you want to see a catalog of our designs click here.
5) Finish up by paying the $1,000 deposit by finishing the order.

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