Sunflower Value Package

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The Value Package includes 5 different varieties. 4 of the 5 varieties will be branching. Bloom dates vary from mid-late season.
Price: $98 per acre at 25,000 seeds per acre.
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Lemon QueenVariety 1 BRANCHING:
Light yellow color, top performer, open pollinated. 60 - 70 days to bloom

Autumn Beauty
Variety 2 BRANCHING:
Color variation between dark yellow and orange in color, open pollinated. 55 - 65 days to bloom.

Sunflower Variety 3
Variety 3 BRANCHING:
Color is a deep dark red, branching, open pollinated. 60 -70 days to bloom

Variety 4Variety 4: Branching
Color is golden yellow with fuzzy petals, branching, open pollinated. 60 - 70 days to bloom.

Variety 5: Single Stem
Variety 5: Single Stem
Bright Yellow with brown ringed center, single stem. 60-70 days to bloom.

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